Apr 17, 2012

Petite Intro

This picture was taken almost a year ago during my trip to France. Every time I'm staring at it my heart is filled with warm and cozy emotions and I begin to smile. I hope everyone of you have something hidden in memories that actually is a great source of inspiration. Old photos, used movie tickets, silly souvenirs, a chocolate bar wrapper, scents, you name it - give birth to a chain of thoughts and emotions and finally the level is so high you wanna share with people around you. Alors, from all this lyrics, through this blog I want to share with you things that make me smile, make me proud, sometimes make me envy (but not too much), make me feel myself elegant and edgy, or boyish or shaggy) all that adorable and simply great things that I've noticed during my voyages, or when I just leave my home in the morning) There will be a lot of photos reflecting my vision of fashion and style, and generally things that should have focus on. Enjoy!